Welcome Weekend Relief

Loving the San Fernando Valley today, I hope everyone else is enjoying this sfv day. If you find the time take a ride up Tapanga Canyon Blvd towards the coast, when you get near the top look for the turn off on your left. Right here you will find a gorgeous view of the entire San Fernando Valley.
LOL. And if you look straight ahead, towards the towers near warner park at owensmouth and sherman way you’ll “see” The Rummage Rat Thrift Store, so stop on by when you coming down from that relaxing session of visual stimulation you just enjoyed. We have some really great stuff that would fit perfect on that empty table or for that blan spot on the wall.
Either way, enjoy your weekend and never forget to find time to sit back and take it all in.


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Canoga Park Thrift Store

Hi Word Wide Web. We are a Secondhand Thrift Store in Canoga Park, CA. We are located at 7139 Owensmouth Ave. 91303. We purchase our items from Storage Auctions, Estate Auctions, and Yard Sales to bring you great unique items at great prices. I hope to see you here, and check back here for special items discounted. The store number is 310-490-5030

Here is a great site we know is up an coming. They will offer Mens Urban Clothing, Womens and Childrens Urban Streetwear. Keep an eye out! ~MSGS4L

Mens Urban Clothing

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The Best Secondhand Shopping Is in Canoga Park

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you an Article from CitysBest.com, written by Katie Blain. The title was “The Best Secondhand Shopping Is in Canoga Park”. Highlighted in this article with Rummage Rat was Herb’s Thrift Town, Next Chapter Books, Council Thrift Shop, and Collectible Glitz-Miss La De Da’s. Here is what they said about us

“Don’t let the name put you off. This recently opened secondhand store is stocked with expertly chosen odds and ends that the owner Kym plucks from auctioned-off storage units. Rummage Rat is small and packed with oodles of offbeat treasures, from artwork to vintage packs of matches to camping supplies and toys. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be had for $1 a piece, and some prices are negotiable.”

Click Here to go to City’s Best Full Article

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